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Ansible and AWS: Painless Deployment

🗓 14 Mar 2017
In: 📁 DevOps 📁 AWS 📁 Ansible

Ansible is a fantastic way to orchestrate deployments that aren’t exactly trivial. In a complex deployment, there are dozens of players and they all need to act at a specific moment. It is no wonder then that Ansible calls the deployment scripts playbooks. It makes it sound so artistic. You...

Ansible Dynamic Inventory Thoughts

🗓 03 Feb 2017
In: 📁 DevOps 📁 Ansible

My DevOps experience is varied but limited. I’ve done some Chef, packer, and now Ansible. The latter of which is my most recent dive into scripting deployments and probably the most enjoyable. What Ansible was being used for in my case was to: Deploy Infrastructure Stack onto AWS. In this...