Shalaeyah, I am Sarah Sunday.

What does that mean? I am Sarah Sunday, but what is Sarah Sunday?

Sarah Sunday is many things, and normal and simple are simply not it. Some are content to being one meager thing, have a paltry few major qualities or interests, or be specialized on one single topic.

I am not some; I am not content with that.

So, what do I do?

Well. Here’s a little taste of it:


I am a proud science-fiction-fantasy writer. My series is going strong and I will continue to write about my characters and expansive world until I can write no more. The Spine of the Empire is my hub for writing, series updates, and general information about my fiction work.

Software Developer

I’m a proud 8th Lighter. I am one of the core members of a team focused small businesses. I work on a variety of client projects in a multitude of languages. A short list: Ruby, Elixir, and PHP. My day isn’t 100% development—it’s management, Salesforce administrative tasks, and planning out new projects. Jack of all trades is a pretty good term for me.

Github Contributions

I’m an Emacs power user (my epic-trash config.) Maybe not a power user, but my configuration is kind of whack. I have a not-so-crummy blog related it.

From time to time, I find something to write about on the 8th Light blog.


I love food (food doesn’t always love me, but whatever.) Good food, specifically. Over at Selective Elective, I review food produce and products such as apples and tea.

AFOL aka ‘Adult Fan of LEGO.’

I have a sizable LEGO collection that spans across many themes. Ninjago, Bionicle, Creator Expert, LEGO Batman Movie, Harry Potter…and more. Whatever strikes my fancy.

Rubaiyat Collector

I collect Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam editions. 'Nuff said.

And those are just some parts of my being. I’m a complex person. We all are. A semi-short introduction can’t do me justice. A few thousand page auto-biography might, but I have other things to write before that so I can’t say for certain.