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Emacs Kill Buffer Hydra of Power

🗓 21 Oct 2016
In: 📁 Emacs

I’ve just started to get into using the Emacs Hydra package by abo-abo, a true saint among Emacs users. Hydra is an Emacs package that allows you to create chained commands. It is kind of hard to explain without a concrete example. The example I am going to use is...

Moving Emacs to a Server setup

🗓 13 Sep 2016
In: 📁 Emacs

This is one of the big leaps of my Emacs configuration: Getting it run as a ‘server’ with ‘clients.’ AKA a Daemon. So you load it up once and never again. Great reduction in start up times. Basically, you start emacs in the background and then new instances will be...

My Hack Emacs Configuration

🗓 29 Aug 2016
In: 📁 Emacs

Okay so I’ve been using Emacs for a couple months now and have created a pretty intense configuration. Not that intense. Just…sort of all over the place. I use the GUI version of Emacs, so it is more tailored for that than the console version. I have some conditionals set...