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Comparing Common LISP and Clojure: Cons Cells

🗓 24 Jan 2017
In: 📁 Coding 📁 Clojure

The existence (or lack thereof) of cons cells in Clojure might be one of the first things LISPers notice when switching to Clojure. It was for me, anyway. In Common LISP and other LISP languages, cons cells are two element structures that are the basis of all lists and essentially...

Assimilating with Clojure: REDUX

🗓 27 Oct 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

Functional Programming nowadays is seen as kind of sexy by some sects of programmers and developers. Object Oriented Programming has for so long been a crutch, and using functional programming languages seems liberating and more efficient. It feels like a new toy. Which it really isn’t, but, programming styles, like...

Contributing to a Minor Clojure Project

🗓 29 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

I was bored the other day so I decided to work on improving this little Clojure plugin called ‘ns-dep-graph.’ It is what created those Clojure dependency graphs. It was an intriguing piece of work, but there were some problems with it and some features to be added to really flesh...

Faux OOD in Clojure with Protocols

🗓 22 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

Protocols are another way of tailoring method behavior in Clojure, like multimethods, which I had been using to implement the variety of different data storage methods (like JSON or Postgres). Protocols are kind of like an abstract class, really. They are a collection of methods and functions that are implemented...

Saving Data to a File in Clojure

🗓 08 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

Another feature to be done with my Tic Tac Toe Clojure project was to have the win/loss/draw tallies persist between application runs and for the given player’s scores to be displayed as a cumulative total count rather than each match up’s total. This was a sticky problem, because I had...

Pretty Colors with ANSI

🗓 07 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

So with my Clojure tic tac toe game there is, of course, a board. 3x3 or 4x4, in my game’s case. On the command line it will display the board in a very simple fashion to show the current state. It looks kind of boring, though. Just plain white on...

Tic Tac Toe Menu Refactoring

🗓 07 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

I was at a junction with the Tic Tac Toe project where I needed to add a menu option at the start to ask the user if they’d like to see previous game scores or play the game. I added the option easily enough with a simple input/output query and...

Clojure is Cruise Control for Cool

🗓 02 Mar 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

The title was originally Clojure RECURSION is Cruise Control for Cool, but I switched it to just Clojure because of the unbroken alliteration. Slightly surprising to me was how easy Tic Tac Toe became to set up and create with Clojure. Not Clojure, not really, but recursion and functional programming....

Assimilating with Clojure

🗓 29 Feb 2016
In: 📁 Clojure

I’ll start off this post by not talking about programming, but my personal programming history. My first language was Python, then I learned Java and Common LISP concurrently. Recently, I took a C++ class and, of course, have been doing Ruby. So, with learning Clojure now, I’m taken back to...